About us

About us

Marche Italia Tour is an incoming tour operator, specialized in the MARCHE product, also operating as DMC – Destination Management Company.Thanks to the skills present in its management and operational staff, it offers a wide range of services for the tourist development of the territory, links with the networks of professional tourist demand (buyer), innovation capacity in communication, promotion, marketing and marketing activities. Marche Italia Tour is a “player of the territory”, thanks also to the participation in the tender within the PSR “Aid to innovative start-ups in the “smart” sectors: agrifood, sharing economy, creative, hi-tech, cultural enterprises.” in which we participated which allowed us to develop innovative ideas and important projects for the area. A reference point both for local operators and institutions, and for the varied world of Italian and foreign buyers (T.O., AdV, cral, associations) who are looking for, in the Marche, a local specialist capable of providing a plurality of services and guaranteeing on-site assistance.

Promotion and Marketing

Marche Italia Tour develops a constant promotional initiative through both traditional promotional tools, such as educational tours, workshops, meetings, fairs, direct relationships; and through structured communication campaigns through a constant and massive use of social media marketing and IT tools.
As an incoming tour operator, it builds and markets tourist packages, defining agreements and collaboration contracts with local hospitality, catering and service operators in order to promote and market them on the Italian and foreign markets.

Marketing and Development

Marche Italia Tour proposes itself as an entrepreneurial subject that promotes, enhances and markets the local offer, develops promo-commercial services, collaborates with other local operators, develops communication and promotion-commercial actions on the markets and media, relates with local and regional bodies and institutions.
Its marketing strategy is very attentive to market changes, to the players who operate there and to the dynamics of distribution networks, to the trends that emerge in the consumer world, to new lifestyles and to the different segmentations of demand.

Design and training

To support the marketing strategy and implementation programs, Marche Italia Tour offers skills in the design and use of regional, national and COMMUNITY funds, evaluating, together with local actors, opportunities and possibilities for managing co-financing actions by the partners themselves. This is accompanied by training and orientation actions for local operators in management, market, social media and new technologies.


The presence, within the management and operational staff of Marche Italia Tour, of professionalism specialized in the organization of events and demonstrations, as well as skills in the sports field, favors the possibility of organizing events and demonstrations in the Marche region, with significant consequences in terms of tourist flows and visibility of the territory itself.

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